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With presence in most counties throughout Kenya, Samo Security is the most locally-focused security company in the country. We have approximately 2,000 security officers who provide unmatched security solutions to meet the needs of organizations. Samo Security's core service offerings are On-site, Mobile and Remote Guarding combined with Electronic Security, Fire & Safety, and Corporate Risk Management.

Whether you need one guard at a reception desk, or a team of security officers to monitor your network of warehouses, Samo Security can provide the security you need with the ease and efficiency you desire.

We know that every business environment has different security needs, which is why we have leveraged our knowledge and expertise to develop a variety of guarding functions to meet any client's requirements.

As a client-focused organization, Samo Security devotes extensive time and resources to hiring, training, developing and retaining our officers to achieve a level of service that meets the client's security needs.

We provide peace of mind to our clients that we are delivering the services we have sold, securing the assets of our customers is our priority. Our security guards all carry a GPS Mapping device that allows them to be dispatched effectively when an alarm event is recorded. By knowing where our officers are in real time we are able to effectively dispatch the guard closest to the alarm location.

We also offer a wide range of mobile patrol services, also known as roving or security patrols. We provide site-wide security for residential gated communities, commercial properties, construction sites, as well as addressing numerous other situations, such as alarm response and emergency response, with services that are customized to your needs.

24/7 monitoring and access control security ensures that only those who are authorized can enter your premises. A basic access control system includes a computerized controller, tracking app and an electronic lock. This is one of the foremost steps any organization has to make to create a secure working space and protect information. Select the most appropriate access control security for your business with the following tips.

Samo Security's state-of-the-art Control Center is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with seasoned professionals. These professionals manage our day-to-day activities, as well as coordinate our response to any emergency situation. This includes our alarm response services. The Control Center serves as a single point of contact for our clients and will work directly with you in the event of security alarm activity.

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We understand that many of our clients have concerns over the security of their document parcels and shipments, especially when that envelope or box contains something extremely valuable or sensitive. For these documents, a typical courier service or shipping company will not meet the requirement, you need security courier services designed to ensure that your parcel or envelope arrives at its destination safely and securely.

Whether you’re sending legal documents to an office down the street or require someone to transport sensitive shipments to any destinations, Samo Security will complete the mission in a professional and discrete manner.